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Families must be registered at to purchase physical scrip cards.

Scrip is a fundraising program designed so that a percentage of your everyday purchases turn into cash contributions made directly to our school. This program provides an opportunity for businesses to give back to the community that supports them. Our school depends on this program as part of our annual operating budget.

Scrip is one of our major fundraisers that does not cost you anything extra. You participate by purchasing gift cards from RaiseRight's online marketplace of over 700 retailers to use for the shopping that you are already doing. The retailers are the ones donating to the school.

Families purchase gift certificates and cards at a discounted price, and OLMC earns the difference between the face value (your purchase price) and the negotiated price. Each retailer establishes what percentage of purchases it will contribute (donate) back to the school. Knowing each retailer's percentage will help you make more informed shopping choices. Some retailers will contribute about as much as 15%, others as low as 1%. It is indicated at exactly how much each retailer is currently contributing.

Order Online
All scrip ordering is done online at The school orders physical cards once a month, arriving approximately one week later. See "How does RaiseRight Work?" for payment methods, and instructions to create an account. Scrip eCards and Reloads are available for immediate use, so we encourage you to use them as much as possible.

RaiseRight Mobile App
Once you have created an account at, download the RaiseRight App and use the same login. The RaiseRight app allows you to have your physical cards shipped to your home (shipping fees apply). is the online marketplace where you will place all your scrip orders and see your progress toward your $250 goal.

It's easy to use once you set up your account. You will need our enrollment code (523F1CA645L6) to set up your account.

  1. Click here to register and follow the prompts.
  2. Link your bank account.

Paying with your linked bank account debit is fast, secure, and saves you money in the long run (nominal 15ยข transaction fee per order). However, a 2.6% merchant fee is added to your order if you want to order with a credit card.

There are three types of scrip purchases: Physical cards, eCards, and Reload.

Nearly all retailers offer physical cards. They look and act like gift cards you purchase directly from the retailer. If you order physical cards on, OLMC will place an order once a month, and the cards will arrive at the school office approximately a week later. You can have physical cards shipped straight to your home if you purchase them through the RaiseRight app.

Most retailers also offer eCards; some offer them exclusively. You will redeem them by entering the gift card code during checkout for online purchases. For in-person shopping, you will print the barcode or have the cashier scan the barcode from your phone during checkout.

Many, but not all, retailers offer Scrip Reload. Reload is the best of both! If you have a physical card you keep in your wallet for in-person or online shopping, you can continue to add funds to the same card without replacing it (make sure the cashier gives it back to you even if it's empty).

Yes! Yes! Yes! We love it when grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, Godparents, neighbors, friends, and anyone else who wants to support your child's education purchase scrip! The more, the merrier! It's very convenient for them, and we greatly appreciate their participation.

Invite them to create an account at (enrollment code is 523F1CA645L6). During the account setup process, ensure they enter your oldest student's name and grade so their purchases can be properly counted.

At the end of the school year, if you exceed the net profit commitment to the school of $250.00, the excess amount is split 50/50 with OLMC. You can choose to have your portion credited to your tuition for the following school year, or you can donate your portion to a fund of your choice (Endowment, Tuition Assistance, Technology, Library, etc.).

The two best ways to reach your $250 minimum are:

  1. Plan ahead.
    • Know your shopping habits (groceries, gas, diapers, pet food, etc.), and ensure you always have enough scrip for your regular household purchases.
    • Pre-purchase scrip to cover the gifts you'll need for the next few months.
    • Look for big opportunities to cash in. Are you planning some home improvements? Need a new appliance? Use scrip to fund major expenses, and you'll meet your goal quickly.
  2. Shop the bonus offers.
    • Each week there are a handful of bonus offers--retailers offering a temporarily higher rebate.
    • Opt-in to receive emails from to be notified of special "BonusFest" days and other bonus-earning opportunities.

We are confident this is an achievable goal if you make using scrip a habit. However, if you don't reach the minimum, you will be billed the difference between the opt-out amount and the rebates you were able to generate.

The opt-out amounts are as follows:

  • Two-parent families: $380
  • Single-parent* families: $190