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At the heart of Mount Carmel's exceptional team are our passionate educators who have worked at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School for an average of 12 years. All our full-time teachers are California Credentialed and over half hold or are working toward an advanced degree.

  Name Title Contact
Megan Andreano Andreano, Megan VP-Resource Mgr
Maureen Arnott Arnott, Maureen Preschool Director
Jackie Avila Avila, Jackie Preschool Teacher
Jessie Barbato Barbato, Jessie School Counselor
Gene Borja Borja, Gene Grade 7 Homeroom
Jennifer Britt Britt, Jennifer Instructional Aide
Jennifer Britt Britt, Jennifer Teacher Aide 650-366-6127
Jennifer Bruzzone Bruzzone, Jennifer Principal
Kalei Ching Ching, Kalei 6th Grade Homeroom
Ellen DeMartini DeMartini, Ellen 1st Grade Homeroom
Mary Dournaee Dournaee, Mary Teacher
Mary Dournaee Dournaee, Mary Jr. High Science Teacher
Christine Dulany Dulany, Christine Assistant Bookkeeper
Megan Galarza Galarza, Megan Teacher
Megan Galarza Galarza, Megan 5th Grade Homeroom
Alicia Gomes Gomes, Alicia Resource Specialist K-5 650-366-6127
Linda Gonzales Gonzales, Linda Instructional Aide
Julie Griffith Griffith, Julie Instructional Aide
Cloe Hussey Hussey, Cloe 4th Grade Homeroom
Beth Keelan Keelan, Beth Finance Manager 650-366-2238
Michelle Kennedy Kennedy, Michelle Instructional Aide
Carol Landers Landers, Carol Instructional Aide
Christopher Lane Lane, Christopher IT-Facilities Manager
Emma Maas Maas, Emma 8th Grade Homeroom
Gina Malaspina Malaspina, Gina Kindergarten Homeroom
Pichi Mendoza Mendoza, Pichi Spanish Tchr-Librarian
Aurora Mock Mock, Aurora Executive Assistant-HR 650-366-6127
Meaghan Osborne Osborne, Meaghan 2nd Grade Homeroom
Christina Patton Patton, Christina
Cathy Paulson Paulson, Cathy Instructional Aide
Sara Popelnykh Popelnykh, Sara Jr. High Math Teacher 650-366-6127
Karen Sammons Sammons, Karen Director After Care-TK
Janice Scherba Scherba, Janice K-4 Literacy Specialist
Nikki Sullivan Sullivan, Nikki Instructional Aide
Shannon Thayer Thayer, Shannon 3rd Grade Homeroom
Ashley Timmington Timmington, Ashley Discipline Dean-2nd Step (650) 366-6127
Patricia Walsh Walsh, Patricia Resource Specialist 6-8
Diane Zell Zell, Diane Instructional Aide