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ANNUAL APPEAL 2023 - 2024

OLMC is committed to achieving the highest possible academic achievement for students at all learning levels. The foundation of our school is built upon the teachings of Christ, and we are proud to offer an environment where students can grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially.

We believe that access to up-to-date and engaging curriculum and textbooks is essential for achieving this goal. With your support, we can continue to empower our students with the knowledge and resources they need to excel academically. A well-designed and comprehensive curriculum is the backbone of a successful education. 

The impact of a great curriculum is multifaceted; providing academic excellence, cultivating critical thinking, preparing our students for their future, developing them holistically, embracing diverse perspectives, and capturing their attention in engaging and motivating ways. This year, we have ambitious plans to further improve our curriculum, including:

Purchasing New Curriculum: We plan to update and expand our Math, Science, Social Studies and Religion curriculum to reflect the latest advancements in education and to ensure it aligns with the changing needs of our students.

Acquiring Current Textbooks: We aim to provide our students with the most current and relevant textbooks, enabling them to stay well-informed and engaged with their studies.


We also hope to continue our efforts from last year: 

Increasing the Tuition Assistance fund, ensuring a Mount Carmel education is accessible to as many families as possible regardless of their financial situation.

Funding facility enhancements necessary to provide a school environment that inspires happy, hardworking students, prepared for higher learning and for life.

Your support is crucial in making these objectives a reality. Your donation, no matter the size, will contribute to the academic success of our students and their preparedness for the future. The success of OLMC rests upon every member of the school community; including parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty and staff, and friends from the parish community. Above all we strive for 100% participation from current families. Every gift to Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, regardless of the amount, is greatly appreciated. We humbly ask that you please make a gift appropriate to your means to the 2023-2024 Annual Appeal today.

We invite you to navigate to your donation preference by selecting a thumbnail below: