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OLMC is committed to achieving the highest possible academic achievement for students at all learning levels. Advanced students have opportunities to take on more challenging work while Resource Specialists are available for students needing more support.

Renaissance STAR testing is conducted three times a year to measure student progress and as a tool for planning effective instruction. Using this formative measure of student achievement in addition to classroom assessment, teachers are able to monitor academic progress and plan targeted instruction based on individual student and class areas of proficiency and areas of growth. We are proud to report that across Grades 3-8, 69% of students meet or exceed the benchmark score in English Language Arts, and 77% meet or exceed the benchmark score for Math. We are proactively seeking opportunities to improve our instructional methods and tools to better prepare more of our students for ongoing success. 

English Language Arts Performance
Test date: Winter 2020
Math Performance
Test date: Winter 2020

Saint Claire Literacy 360 Initiative

This academic year, we have proactively embarked on a three-year, multi-faceted initiative designed to make a lasting impact on student outcome.

By joining the Saint Clare Initiative for Leading & Learning Literacy 360 Cohort, OLMC Faculty has committed to a minimum of 50 hours of professional development focusing on literacy each year for three years. Research indicates this is the minimum necessary to effect real change.

To create a school environment where every student feels confident with their reading skills, you will see time in your child(ren)'s schedule for supervised silent reading, as well as writing and speaking about their reading. This will take place in English class, but also in Religion, Social Studies, and Science. Teachers will be encouraging reading at school and at home.

While the majority of our student body currently meets or exceeds the English Language Arts benchmark, our long term goal is to increase the number of students exceeding it. We are confident this focused effort will also challenge us to raise the benchmark minimum scores on Renaissance STAR assessments, ensuring all OLMC students are set up for lifetime academic success.

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